unwanted house guest(s)

Truthfully, I’m afraid to admit this….but I have realized that I am a fearful person. I never ever pictured myself that way. The adventures of travelling all over should have prepared me for this, but somehow have not! Moving to this acreage has really pushed my limits in the fear zone. We have been out here now for just over 2 months. First I had to deal with the fact that there are weird noises when the furnace turns on. Then it was the fear of “the basement” which I wrote about a while back and never posted. Maybe I will in hopes to overcome. One day a few weeks ago we had company over for lunch and I heard this rustling around in the kitchen roof. I should have trusted my own instincts and went out that very second to buy mouse traps, but I didn’t.  We went away for Easter break to our family farm and the day before we left I decided I wanted to organize my pantry. I threw out a bunch of crap, put loose foods into some jars I had, you know the usual stuff. We left the next day for 6 days. Fast forward to last night…oh the dread!

My husband, Bryce knew about the mice problem way before I did. He used his better judgment NOT to tell me until he got home from work last night. Apparently he had taken a few packs of oatmeal to the office for breakfast and he quickly realized they had little bite marks in them. *insert sad face here*  I have no idea how I didn’t notice the pantry in such a mess or the potential droppings through the house, but in my own defence I was gone most of the day running errands and buying groceries and mouse crap is small! Good thing I bought groceries because that mouse/mice (not sure how many yet) ate through anything it could. I have to replace at least $150 worth of food alone. I’m disgusted all over again even writing this. I am a city girl with a country girl heart, but seriously? Mice?! ugh. There are a lot more nasty details that I will spare writing about because I can’t even bare to think about it. Lets just say I have spent the entire day cleaning and doing laundry. I was up all night fearing ‘the monster!’ I know I may sound dramatic but I don’t even care, this is serious business. I actually had a nightmare about these stupid things, I screamed “BRYCE” in the middle of the night as I woke sweating. Too personal? Probably.

As I was panicked last night I sped my way to Walmart to buy every mouse trap I could. I had my hands full of rodent repellent stuff. I drove home and cranked the music to distract myself from the fact that my acreage has mice. I know that this problem happens, I know that living in the country brings things like this but I suppose I was hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with it.  My boundaries have been pushed to the limits. I really need to learn how to overcome these fears as I can see how people who live in fear really cannot enjoy life. Just to make a good point about my rotten night, I was able to back my jeep into the garage with my husbands vehicle already being in there! A month ago I was scared to back in with no other vehicle in the garage! Now I can back in AND do it in a tight space- THAT my friends is an accomplishment for me! I will dwell on the small wins, and not the big battle I am currently in with the unwanted house guests.

So far we have caught one mouse. I hope thats it so I can ensure my house is bleachy, squeaky clean and move on! Thank goodness for a husband who lets me hyperventilate, scream over and over and jump up and down in disgust. Gotta love them farm boys! If anyone has good tips on how to get rid of mice and keep them away please let this drama mama know!





Why I started to blog

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my first blog ever!

With our recent move to an acreage I have had a bit more time to notice how creatively stagnant my life has been. I am a new mom (of a beautiful 6 month old girl named Georgia) and have found myself craving some different type of stimulation. I always love learning, and with a new baby there are always things to learn. But this page is going to be a creative outlet for me. I find myself pouring out all my love and affection to my little girl day in and day out and I hope this page will help me pour into my creative side. I hope to challenge myself and anyone who wants to follow along.

I am just learning how this site works. If you have any advice please comment below! This is my first blog, ever!